Excavation is an essential part of every building project. No matter if you are constructing a house or a big manufacturing facility, you are sure to need an excavation contractor that can dig the hole where the foundations of the building should be laid. Once that’s done and if it’s done right, by experts like us, you will be able to proceed with your building project.

From clearing and grubbing of site ground breaking, to final grading of completed site profile and grades, we are qualified to complete all excavation and site preparations in between.  Our experience in commercial excavation has provided us with the expertise necessary to determine plans and grades and the ability to anticipate issues that may arise, so that we properly addressed them a timely a manner.  We work with owners and contractors to create solutions that ensure the longevity of a your site and its structures.

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There are a wide range of services needed from a mini excavator that can make your task easier and more efficient to complete.  Contact us if you think your project could benefit from professional mini excavator services.

  • small backyard excavations and landscaping

  • septic service excavations

  • exploratory or test hole digging

  • conduit and underground utilities

  • interior concrete demolition

  • interior slab prep

  • under slab utility excavations

  • slab preparation

  • sidewalk/curb and gutter prep


Clearing & Grubbing 

Clearing & grubbing includes the cutting and removal of trees, stumps, shrubs and existing vegetation within limits of the site construction envelope, as well as stripping and removal of topsoils and organic soil that is typically staged on site to be placed and regraded back onto the landscape once all main construction disturbance has ended. Our sites are cleared in a manner that allows for an adequate and stable envelope, creating optimum space and mobility for subsequent contractors and tradesmen. This promotes efficiency and a safer job-site.

roads & driveways 

Whether it be for gravel, asphalt, or concrete, from commercial entryways to residential roads, we can prepare it. Due to our extensive experience in excavating we are able to install a solid structural base for all final road and driveway applications. The key to a good roadway is a sub-grade that allows for proper drainage, and the installation of the right application and specifications of a structural gravel base coarse.

Our roads and driveways are installed to ensure longevity with adequate ditching and drainage, correct sub-base grading, and proper base gravel application installation.  All finish grading of roads and driveways are of the utmost professionalism with finished graded ditch lines, road and driveway edges, and final grading of road and driveway top coat gravels.  


Excavation of footings and foundations on adequate soils is an essential start to any structure. It will mandate the structural integrity, dictate your finished floor grades, and ensure the longevity of your building. This is a crucial beginning to your investment.

Years of commercial excavation has provided us the experience to work with various plans, specifications, and engineered structural details in areas of structures’ foundation excavation and backfill. This knowledge allows us to pay attention to specific grades and soil types, and work with engineers to create an adequate design solution when necessary.

Site Sub grading and Backfill

Once your Foundation is built and secured, it is time to backfill and sub grade your site.  Correct backfill applications with adequate onsite soils, or imported soils, will ensure drainage and protection of your foundation and your footing.  We take pride in ensuring good practice in backfilling with adequate soils and compaction methods to minimize settling and future drainage issues.

Once backfilled, the site can be sub-graded to final grades that will allow for final topsoil installation and grading and future landscape applications.  Site sub grading may be more crucial than one would expect. Sub-grades should be adequately designed and graded to provide positive drainage away from all structures and their surrounding structural components. We take care to work collaboratively with owners and planners to ensure we have correct sub-grades for future landscape installations. 

slab & concrete prep

This includes basement slabs, exterior slabs, sidewalk prep, curb prep, or any other concrete base gravel prep and installation. We excavate to correct sub-grades, ensure uniform sub-grading and sub-grade drainage practices. We will install and compact correct base gravels to specified grades with minimum-to-no gravel preparation needed for concrete contractors.  If so desired, we can also excavate and backfill for all interior plumbing and conduits, working with plumbers and electrical contractors to help ensure quality installation, efficient job scheduling, and cooperation with other trades. 

septic systems

Once your design is approved and you are granted permits to construct your septic system, one of our qualified Registered Septic Installers will excavate, install, backfill, and finish grade your septic system to the grades and specifications of your engineered and approved design. 

finish grading

This is one of our specialties in the lines of excavation and site works. Whether it is finish grading a gravel driveway, parking lot, entryway, concrete prep, topsoil or landscape area, stream bank or pond edges, or any other application that requires an uncanny eye for smooth grading and transitioning, we have the talent and experience to leave your sight with an clean, even and aesthetically appealing.

recreational trails & paths

Our detail for grading and sub-grading makes us a highly qualified to create or rehabilitate your trails and path ways. From gravel bike paths, to the preparation of base gravels for asphalt recreational paths and trails and the clearing and installation of pathways and trails in wooded and nature areas, we are eager to help you transform your property into an accessible oasis.

Pond and Stream Rehabilitation & Installation

As a natural outdoorsman and longtime fisherman, owner Lucas Crowley has an ingrained respect and understanding of ponds and streams. At Crowley Construction we feel a necessary stewardship that goes into the construction of your pond and stream projects. We work well with pond and stream engineers and our well rounded knowledge and precision of grading and general excavation makes us a natural fit for your next pond or stream project.