Any landscape feature added to your property that deals with natural stone brick, brick, or pre-cast masonry or concrete blocks, is considered hardscaping. Our specialty is dry hardscape features, or the placement of hardscape works without masonry grout.  We offer flagstone, paver patio areas, walkways, stairs, edging, bordering, stepping stones, individual landscape rocks and boulders, hand-built retaining walls, and small or large machine placed retaining walls. We work hard to ensure that your new structure goes well with the rest of your property, that it’s beautiful and sturdy, and that our work is done in a professional and timely manner.   

With experience in quality excavations, all our hardscape works are installed in conjunction with a skillfully excavated and installed gravel FOUNDATION. 


Retaining Walls

We offer machine built, custom hand-built, and conventional masonry block walls and take pride in building structurally sound and ascetically pleasing retaining and landscape walls that will add stability, feature, and value to your property.

We create natural stone retaining walls, big and small. Thanks to our extensive experience, and our knowledge of structural integrity, we offer a reliable, quality finished product.

From Hand built small landscape and garden walls, to commercial masonry block retaining walls, to larger machine built retaining and sea walls, we have the capability to meet the needs of a high quality, long lasting wall.



A nice feature to add to your backyard is a beautiful stone patio area for summer gatherings, whether for a group, or a simple self retreat. It will add natural aesthetic value to yard, while minimizing the amount of grass you have to maintain.

Walkways and Bordering 

Many of the backyard patios we install include a walkway leading from a back door or entry where foot traffic is commonly used. It also incorporates and adds to a patio feature. It can be a good way to replace a front walkway approach that it is currently of concrete, asphalt, gravel, or dirt pathway. 

Placing a stone or paver border or edging along the perimeter edge of your home foundation, deck, or garden border,  is a good way to decrease the maintenance of weeding.


Stone steps and Stairs are a great way to  incorporate a natural feature and access on property with steep slopes and walk out basements.  Deck steps and Entry steps can be created with Natural Stone Steps that can give a greater aesthetic look to the eye. 


Stone Works

Perhaps our favorite material to work with is stone. We believe that stone work looks great with all kinds of landscape design and can be used to build beautiful, functional structures and outdoor features.

We are excited to work with you on creating a custom patio, fire pit, walkway or outdoor water feature to enhance your landscape, encourage you to enjoy your property, and allow you to host parties for family and friends. 

Fire Pits and Custom Works  

Adding a Custom Built fire place in the middle of your patio area is a unique and versatile feature that is worth considering.  We can build simple backyard fire pit rings to more custom and exquisite ones that can be added to an outdoor patio or common area.

There are many custom hardscape features that can be incorporated including fire pits, barbeques, stone water features, stone seats, tables, and more.